You Are Not Alone

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (S.L.A.A) is a Twelve Step, Twelve Tradition oriented fellowship based on the model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous. The only qualification for membership is a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction and/or anorexia.

People of colour experience the recovery journey through an additional prism impacted by historical legacies and current issues of racism, discrimination and prejudice. In this space, we explore the connection between racism and our S.L.A.A. behaviour.  If you are a Person of Colour and think you may have a problem with sex addiction, porn addiction, love addiction, romantic obsession, fantasy addiction and/or sexual, social and emotional anorexia, we welcome you to this space of healing and recovery.

If you have a desire to be free from Sex and Love addiction/anorexia, you may find it helpful to attend our closed People of Colour meetings where we share our experience, strength and hope to empower ourselves and find racial sobriety in our relationships. Racial sobriety means that we have a deep intimate connection, awareness and acceptance of our identity. We live in the present, maintain perspective, seeing ourselves and others as equal members of the global human family.