Is POC in SLAA for me?

Here are 12 questions taken from the POC in SLAA pamphlet for you to begin exploring possible links between racism and your SLAA behaviours.

  1. Do you seek only partners of your own race?
  2. If yes, is this because you want to feel connected to your community, or because you need a partner to validate that you belong?
  3. Do you seek only white partners? Why?
  4. Do you find that white people expect you to take care of them, nurture them?
  5. Do you find yourself chronically codependent with white people?
  6. Do you see white people as better than you ?  More important? More powerful?
  7. Do you see white people as the enemy?
  8.  Do you find yourself constantly angry or easily angry at white people, unable to have much serenity around them?
  9. Do you see white people as all the same?
  10. Do you feel inadequate in your own community? (Not feeling black enough, Latino enough etc)
  11. Due to negative stereotypes in society or negative experiences with people of colour, do you have difficulty trusting people from your own background? White people? Other people of colour?
  12. Do you seek out people who will view us as sexual stereotypes?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone and this fellowship can help you explore your patterns and feelings around these issues.