Top Line Suggestions

Do affirmations in front of a mirror about my skin colour.

Study regularly about historical and current cultural issues.

Read about my cultural hero’s and shero’s

Display cultural s/hero pictures and quotes at home.

Join some cultural social groups.

Outreach with other POC about race.

Read about black psychology.

Do some racial anger work.

Do step 10 on race issues.

Learn about the science and spirituality of melanin.

Watch some videos to try new natural hair styles.

Wear clothing which celebrates my culture.

Attend a black history course.

Sponsor another person of colour

See a therapist from your cultural background.

Regularly celebrate cultural calendar events.

Learn and practice my culture’s spirituality.

Attend and get involved with a community event.

Learn / speak my native language regularly.

Share honestly on race issues where it is safe.

Learn to cook a tradition cultural meal.

Buy your children some ethnic books, toys or dolls.

Create new cultural family celebrations and rituals.